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Original concept t-shirt design

Designers from around the world are submitting creative designs for burn bright in t-shirt design - custom.

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clean, simple designs drawing from natural elements. not interested in abstract/aggressive/busy art.

Company name

ember clothing company

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Desired Color Scheme:
can use up to 3 colors, preferably earth tones

Desired Style:
"surf-inspired", drawing from natural elements but not limited to ocean/beach. there are no limits to sources of influence - use your imagination. what we're looking for is an ORIGINAL concept piece, with clean use of line, space and color. something th

Accepted File Formats:
jpeg, ai (version 9 no higher), eps, no pdf's

we are looking for clean, cohesive, ORIGINAL graphics for a t shirt. though our line is "surf-inspired", designs shouldn't be limited to sunsets, palm tree and surfer silhouettes. get creative. design a crest. pull things from different art styles, cultures, whatever. be original. action sports take place in a variety of places - our influences are many. take a risk but keep it cohesive, clean, not busy, not aggressive. our target market is the "refined" action sports enthusiast - not necessarily a juvenile demographic. size of design shouldn't be overwhelming/overbearing. we are not looking to incorporate our company name or logo into design.

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