HDI Part 2 :)

I was so impressed with Alicia's work while searching through designers, I sent her an invitation to join my contest. She was the first and only designer to send me something completely unrelated to what was already submitted, and it was leagues beyond anything else offered. Not only was her work beautiful, but it was nicely detailed and she really paid attention to what I had said in my project description (something most other designers in the contest did not even bother to read.) I ended up purchasing just about all of her submissions because I simply could not make up my mind about which was most fabulous, and because the way that she created them, was ideal for branding across the board. I now have a full set of images I can use for logos, social media and everything else- even favicons. I have saved Alicia's profile to hire her again for future projects- it's just too rare to find a designer of this caliber.

Review by Jeni Hott
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