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Clean Mobile Design for Scheduling App

Matt.doak needed a new app design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 88 designs submitted by 9 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - RoB3rto99
I worked with B3rto on a project to start redesign of an app and this was the first part. I'm 100% sure I will continue to work with him later on this and on other projects. B3rto has a very unique design style that is clean, simply but powerful. He is really an artist and an excellent craftsman which is a rare combination to find. for example my developer thought the files were in a not correct format, but B3rto insisted and B3rto was right at the end. Working with someone so professional is certainly reassuring for any project. My advise is if you will be lucky as to work with B3rto, do give suggestions, but also give him enough freedom to do what he loves, because he is good ... simply good. Thanks B3rto and good work.
- MoBishr

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