• Hello, beautiful.
99designs’ new look has arrived. Let us show you what it took to get here. And help you launch a brand you’ll love.
Say hello to our new logo, designed by a 99designs designer, in a 99designs design contest. We know a logo is the cornerstone of a brand and is one (big) piece of what makes a brand. We wanted to share how our new brand was born, beginning to end - as well as a few tips you can use, too.
  • The new 99designs has arrived

Why the new brand?

Since 99designs’ inception in 2008, we’ve changed a lot. And so has the community using our platform. You’ve become savvier and more discerning every day. We’re seeing more innovative customers and more talented designers than ever before from around the globe.
The idea of online design contests is no longer new or scary – and our identity should reflect the confidence that comes with our experience. Are we still the scrappy outsiders who wanted a better way to get great design? Absolutely. Have we learned a few things along the way? You better believe it.
  • Why the new brand?

How we rebranded

We took a long look in the mirror (noticed some new wrinkles, cried a little) and decided that while our culture and passion hadn’t changed – our customers, our market and our platform had all matured.
We’ve become the world’s largest online design marketplace by making it easier for design to do the things it was born to do. We build businesses. Shift attitudes. Change lives. We see it happen, every day.
But 99designs isn’t really about us. It’s about you. Our customers and our designers. That’s why our revamped look keeps the focus on you, your achievements and all the ways design can make a difference.
And that’s the story our new brand will tell: 99designs is where great design lives.
  • 99designs is where great design lives

Ok, let's talk about our new logo

We knew our contest platform would give us the design we needed, so we turned to our own community to create our logo. Our new brand needed a logo design that offered flexibility, so we asked for a main wordmark with a shortened logomark.

Here’s a few of the great entries that didn’t quite make the cut:
  • Let's talk about our new logo
Incredible amounts of incredible work came through. Picking just one logo was tough and there are at least 3-4 of these designs we continue to look back at longingly.
But ultimately, there could only be one. And we have a winner!
by Onripus
I really feel like I'm part of the larger 99designs family
because of this whole experience. It truly is an honour for me and I cherish it.

It’s smart. It’s clean. It’s easy to work with. It’s well-designed, without being trendy or intimidating. It tells the world: 99designs is where design lives.

About our new look and feel

When we set out on this rebrand we knew one thing: we adore our designers and customers. That’s why our new look showcases the great designs our customers build their businesses with – and puts our designers’ work and individual style front and center.
  • About our new look and feel
We believe the design process should be fun. Having a business is hard work, but design shouldn't be. We want our designers and customers to enjoy the experience-design is supposed to be the fun part! Heck, we even made ​​this fun infographic to help you critique our new logo.
Design is always changing. Design doesn’t get complacent. It evolves, changes and does the unexpected. We celebrate colors and embrace all kinds of visual styles. Our brand lets design be design.

The big finish

We’re not the small company we once were. Which means rebranding entailed big risks. Like with any rebrand, it could have gone very wrong. But it didn’t go wrong. We got exactly what we were looking for. When you put an entire planet of designers to work for you, amazing things happen.

We now have a new identity that makes it easy to tell the world:
  • 99designs works!