Because Shopify is one of the top e-commerce platforms around, there’s plenty of online content about how to use it. So much so, that it can be hard to determine which to listen to and which to ignore. Everyone with a Shopify tutorial claims to be an expert, but who can you really trust? You practically need a tutorial on how to navigate the web’s best Shopify tutorials!

Using tutorials to guide you through Shopify
Use the best Shopfiy tutorials to set up your e-commerce site. Illustration by OrangeCrush

Below, we collected 17 articles and videos on how to use Shopify. Some are targeted to beginners, while others are more advanced. We divided these best Shopify tutorials into subcategories, so you only need to check out the ones relevant to you:

Best Shopify tutorials for getting started

Shopify tutorials on Shopify’s YouTube channel
Via YouTube

Shopify Help Center on YouTube [Shopify]

First and foremost, we want to direct you to a great resource for Shopify tutorials: Shopify’s own YouTube channel. Here you can find tons of videos on an assortment of topics to help you get started. Most videos are around 5 minutes and deal with a specific topic, so you don’t have to waste time sifting through the information you already know. There’s even a playlist just for beginners.

How to make a Shopify website in 9 steps [99designs]

Our own Shopify tutorial has step-by-step instructions on getting started from the ground up. We simplify the process of signing up, designing your site, adding your products and launching into just 9 easy-to-follow steps. Perfect for beginners or starting from scratch, this article provides a solid foundation for applying more advanced techniques later.

Best Shopify tutorials for product ideas

Shopify tutorial about product ideas
Via Shopify

What Should You Sell Online [Oberlo]

If you’re approaching e-commerce from a business perspective, your choice of products is one of your most important decisions. You have to factor in supply and demand, time-sensitive trends, competition and public knowledge, all of which can be overwhelming to first-timers. This video and accompanying article gives a good overview on product selection—their angle is dropshipping, but a lot of the principles apply to all business models.

17 Best Places E-commerce Entrepreneurs Can Go to Find Product Ideas [Shopify]

Shopify’s blog offers inspiration for product ideas. This article lists out 17 potential sources for product ideas, such as searching niche forums or exploring your local community. This Shopify tutorial is great because it’s less about giving you a fish, and more about teaching you how to fish yourself.

Best Shopify tutorials for choosing and editing themes

Shopify tutorial about editing themes
Via Shogun

The 25+ Best Shopify Themes for 2021 [Ecommerce Platforms]

Not so much a “Shopify tutorial,” but still a useful resource for learning Shopify nonetheless. As advertised, this article lists 29 of the best Shopify themes for you to browse or see what’s out there. They even offer some behind-the-scenes insight, such as which themes load the fastest or allow features like home page videos. Before you get into more advanced tutorials about Shopify themes—even before you start designing your Shopify store—your first step is picking the best theme for you. Use this piece as a catalogue to see what’s available.

How to Edit Theme Files in Shopify [Shogun]

A very thorough Shopify tutorial that covers all bases—at least all bases related to editing themes. This self-described visual guide includes helpful screenshots to show where everything you need is located, making it easy to follow.

Of particular note, this Shopify tutorial features an advanced guide on editing the code of your theme. Tech-savvy site builders can add their own personal touches to their Shopify stores by altering the code, and this article shows you how.

How to Build a Custom Shopify Theme from Scratch [Dinarys]

This is a technical guide for building your own Shopify Theme through the open-source Timber framework and Liquid, Shopify’s template language. If that all sounds like gibberish, maybe this guide isn’t for you.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some development experience under your belt and have some original ideas you want to build into your Shopify store, this guide can lead you in the right direction.

Best Shopify tutorials for product photography

Shopify tutorial for product photography
Via Shopify

Top 5 Skills for Shooting Better E-commerce Photography [Karl Taylor]

The great thing about this video is that it’s not an e-commerce tutorial about photography—it’s a photography tutorial about e-commerce! Karl Taylor is a professional photographer who posts how-to guides on photography, and this is his instructional video for e-commerce photography. Although not specific to Shopify, this tutorial is something Shopify beginners will still want to see.

The Definitive DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography [Shopify]

If you prefer written guides to videos, Shopify compiled their own comprehensive guide to do-it-yourself product photography. It’s made for beginners, with detailed explanations of the different tools and how to use them, plus the basic techniques and why they’re important.

Best Shopify tutorials for making sales

Shopify tutorials about marketing and advertising
Via Shopify

How to Make Your First Sale in 30 Days [Shopify]

Shopify gets down to the essentials: how do you actually sell something, and fast!? Despite the name, this Shopify tutorial is really just a crash course in Shopify marketing, covering areas like traffic sources, paid advertising, influencer marketing and social media. This guide is an excellent resource if this is your first online business—after all, your first sale is always the hardest.

How to Grow Sales for Your Shopify Store in 2021 [Secomapp]

Not quite a Shopify tutorial, this article lists 5 effective marketing tips/sales strategies for Shopify stores. Be warned: this is sponsored content from Growave, so a suspicious amount of their examples are Growave products. That said, their tips are genuinely worthwhile, making this article a solid resource for beginners.

Best Shopify tutorials for digital marketing, advertising and SEO

Shopify tutorials about marketing and advertising
Via Sam Dey

How Shopify themes can drive your digital marketing efforts [Out of the Sandbox]

Although this article deals mostly with choosing your Shopify theme, it takes a digital marketing angle, explaining what to look for in themes to maximize your audience outreach. It acts as an overview guide to digital marketing, especially if this is your first foray into areas like SEO, conversion rates and A/B testing.

Shopify SEO 2021: The Ultimate Guide [Backlinko]

Without pulling any punches, this guide explains all the technical and somewhat convoluted SEO tactics that work best for Shopify. It actually does a good job of explaining these complicated topics in a way that’s easy to understand, so beginners don’t need to worry.

Shopify Google Ads Conversion Tracking [Sam Dey]

This YouTube video not only gives a cursory overview of how to use Google Ads for Shopify, but also how to track their success. Conversion tracking is critical for any online business—it reveals which marketing efforts are most effective (and which aren’t) so you can optimize your marketing budget for the best return on investment. Although this topic involves some basic use of code, it’s nothing a beginner can’t handle.

We’ll warn you now though, this is sponsored content for Okiano, but Sam is very transparent about it and you can even skip the endorsement in the timestamps listed in the description.

Best Shopify tutorials for apps

Shopify tutorials for apps and add-ons
Via Shopify App Store

How to quickly install an app [Shopify]

First things first, you need to know how to get your apps into your Shopify store… and quickly, if possible. For that we go straight to the source, Shopify themselves. Their brief three-minute video shows the entire app installation process, from browsing the app store to managing any recurring fees, even uninstalling it if need be. Because it’s a video, it shows clearly where to find each button you need.

15 Best Shopify Apps to Optimize Your Store & Boost Sales [Skubana]

Ideal for inspiration, this guide provides a perfect overview of what Shopify apps are available if this is your first time. The great part is that it lists the categories of apps you might need, then gives their pick for which to choose. Another sponsored content warning, though: so don’t be surprised that Skubana recommends their Skubana app for one of the categories.

How to Make Your Embedded Apps Load Quickly and Reliably [Shopify]

A more technical guide, this Shopify tutorial deals with back-end optimization, a somewhat advanced topic that involves a bit of coding. Still, loading times can make or break an e-commerce business, so if you really want the best Shopify store you can build, it pays off to follow this guide.

Conclusion: What tutorials can’t teach

Shopify store owners—and all e-commerce managers, for that matter—must wear a lot of hats. Even if your expertise lies more in business and sales, you’ll need some design skill to be successful. And while one of the advantages of Shopify is that its designs come ready to use, you can always improve your business using professional, deliberate e-commerce web design.

If you’d like a professional designer to create the look and feel of your ideal Shopify store, we have plenty of freelance designers who specialize in Shopify.

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