Esteemed by millions globally, NIVEA Switzerland has made a name through its affordable, versatile and nourishing skincare products—the crown jewel of which is enclosed in a brilliant blue tin. At 99d Studio, we had the privilege of working with their parent company, Beiersdorf, to create a very special anniversary campaign celebrating 110 years of this long-established brand.

We rounded up our global community of creators and invited them to design a fresh-faced spin of NIVEA’s favorite tin, to sum up the very essence of contemporary “Swissness”. The four winning designs, chosen by the Swiss public, will be seen later this year in a limited edition collection of the classic NIVEA tins and we can’t wait to get our hands on them (combination skin, in case you were wondering).

NIVEA’s creative challenge

NIVEA classic creme

Proclaimed to be the mother of all the brand’s beauty, bath and skincare products, the NIVEA Creme (in its blue tin) has directly shaped NIVEA’s rounded blue and white logo. Now over a century old, they wanted to mark this special year and replenish their original favorite, their classic Creme, in an Anniversary Design Edition.

Despite it being produced in Germany and born in Hamburg, this particular Creme has been an integral part of the Swiss family culture for generations. The creative challenge was therefore to design new packaging, visually expressing “Swissness” without using typical elements, such as the Swiss cross or the Matterhorn, which are by law reserved to products manufactured in Switzerland.

Ever revitalising, always illuminating, NIVEA sought to commemorate their heritage with an age-defying twist on our favorite skincare icon.

The solution: 99d Studio

99d Studio combines the amazing ideation prowess and creativity of our global community with the industry experience of our creative directors. We deliver a seamless, inspirational and agile design solution on behalf of consumer brands.

Launching a contest resulted in a vast variety of imaginative creative solutions that could suit this extraordinary occasion.

When partnering with NIVEA, the 99d Studio team worked to understand our client’s creative campaign goals before framing the task and leading the creative process. Our recommendation was to launch a public contest on our platform; this enabled us to reach designers on an international basis and encourage a vast variety of imaginative creative solutions that could suit this extraordinary occasion.

The selection process

nivea story voting process
nivea story voting process
nivea story voting process

Once we reached out to our pool of high level designers, results began pouring in from around the world.

We used two polls to select the winning, limited edition designs out of around 4,000 individual interpretations!

  1. Our first poll invited all relevant NIVEA stakeholders to narrow down a selection of finalists.
  2. We then used these results to invite the Swiss public to vote for four winning designs to go to print. This external poll was promoted largely through social media and generated over 19,000 votes.

The outcome

After receiving such a rich portfolio of results, we’re proud to celebrate the achievements of our winning designers at a historical moment for NIVEA Switzerland. Take a look at all 12 finalists here.

Here are the four stunning designs that earned the most votes:

nivea logo design framed with illustrations
Winning logo design by
nivea logo design of camping framed with illustrations
Winning logo design by artdesigns-by-delia
vea logo design of camping with gradient effect
Winning logo design by CHKY
nivea logo design of winter scene and mountain
Winning logo design by waterseven

Each shortlisted designer will have a mini edition of their design mailed to them to showcase in their portfolio.

The NIVEA team are delighted to share these amazing tin designs with the world. Honoring their heritage in union with their contemporary, authentic and passionate brand values, the NIVEA Creme Anniversary Edition is currently in production and will hit stores nationwide across Switzerland in the coming months.

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