From mid-May to early June, 99designs ran two 4-week webinar series on Logo & Web (L&W) and Brand Identity Pack (BIP) to help designers’ up-skill efforts and provide them with a fun learning environment. These series conclude with a community contest each – and we’ve just announced the winners!

After tough deliberation, Deri Kurnia and AsbeenDesign were announced as BIP and L&W webinar contests winners respectively. We were inundated with fantastic efforts from participating designers, but in the end we selected winners who ticked all these boxes:

  • Client communication skills: Solid design explanations, responsiveness, understanding, willingness to improve, follow through with what’s promised and professionalism
  • Knowledge of design principles and creative concept
  • L&W: Showcase of fresh, new concept on the web design
  • BIP: Printable deliverables, knowledge of print file set-up and unique logo design
  • Submissions not previously entered in existing contests

We reached out to the winners to hear more about their contest experiences. Read on for the full interviews.


AsbeenDesign participated in our L&W webinar classes after learning about the contest in an email invitation.

He really shone in the contest in terms of his client communication skills; he has been responsive, he listened to our feedback and delivered what is promised. He also demonstrated much eagerness to learn and improve, which resulted in a great design in the end!

See what he had to say:

What did you expect when you first entered the contest?

I wanted to win the contest, but this mission was not easy because there were a lot of talented designers who participated.

Did you learn anything during the contest?

Yes, I learned to be responsive and creative. I also learnt how to communicate with the client regarding changes during their website creation, along with some HTML code that helped me establish an interactive homepage.

What would you do differently if you had another chance at the contest?

I think I’ll change the home page. Maybe review the size of the navigation icons, or explore other templates, why not? 🙂

What do you think you would do differently now compared to before you participated in the contest?

I would take my time creating an interactive website and I implement what I’ve learnt from the webinars and other tutorials that I have seen on

I will also pay attention to the color code used between the creation of the logo in CMYK and RGB websites, try different templates with an initial design and choose the most adaptable to my first idea.

Anything else you’d like to share or mention?

I encourage all certified designers who are on Facebook to join the group 99designs & Jimdo Designers. Watch the tutorials created by Jimdo; these are good tools to improve your Jimdo site creation skills.

Deri Kurnia

Deri Kurnia

The winner for the BIP webinar contest couldn’t follow all the webinars due to connection issues, but Deri Kurnia was so curious to see what it was all about that he caught up with the webinar recordings to enter the contest.

He didn’t count on nabbing first prize, but it’s that brand of persistence that got him over the fence and made him the contest winner!

See what he had to say:

How did you first hear about this contest?

I first heard about the contest from one of the webinars, and that was how I got invited to participate in the contest. To be honest, I wasn’t able to follow all the webinars due to poor internet connection, and only by chance that I was at the last webinar when I heard there would be a contest. So I quickly did my homework and downloaded all the previous weeks’ topics and recorded webinars.

What were your initial expectations when you first joined the contest?

As I thought it was a contest intended to test designers on the things learned, I wanted to challenge myself and see how much I’ve learned from the webinars and to ask as many questions as you would permit me to!

Did you feel like you’ve learned something from this contest?

Absolutely! I learned how to interact professionally with the clients and the correct print settings for all BIP deliverables!

What do you think you would do differently now compared to before you participated in the contest?

The contest and the webinars have taught me a lot of things, particularly to always actively communicate with my clients, such as discussing ideas and any questions that arise from the brief. That’s definitely what I would do more of from here on in, so I hope I can deliver a good end-product to the client.

Honorable mentions

Special honorary mentions to the designers who gave it their all in both contests – particularly we’d like to give a special shout out to Alex Morar (BIP), who has impressive printing knowledge and applied this to his branding solutions; and to Desberdin (L&W) for his amazing, expertly coded site!

Finally, much thanks to our other Brand Identity Pack finalists:

And our other Logo & Hosted Web finalists:

Stay tuned for our next webinar series… coming soon!