As the whole world learns to work remotely together, we want to help you video chat in style with some beautiful, virtual Zoom background images.

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The popular video conferencing platform Zoom allows users to upload their own virtual background images for video chats. This helps to hide any background clutter when working from home and makes your Zoom meetings more beautiful and fun.

So, we challenged professional designers from around the world to create virtual backgrounds for Zoom to lift your spirits and beautify your meetings. The Zoom backgrounds they designed were influenced by the places, ideas, art and memories that make them feel happy and inspired.

Here are 20 creative virtual Zoom backgrounds to make your video chats more enjoyable:

“Plant lover” by Alipher

virtual zoom background with illustrated flowers and plants
by Alipher

This hand-drawn Zoom background is inspired by all things natural. The tropical plants, cacti, flowers, bees, birds and dragonflies combined with soothing, natural colors create a relaxing atmosphere that we love.

Designer Alipher says: “I dedicate this design to all plant lovers out there. I love to work in an open space like my backyard garden or terrace cafe. I think it is nice to have a lovely outdoorsy background. So fresh, so green, and so inspiring.”

“It’s my wall” by Fitriandhita

virtual zoom background with illustrated wall decoration
by Fitriandhita

The colorful, hand-drawn elements in this illustrated Zoom background give it a playful and personal feel. A charming virtual background for anyone who wants to inject some personality into their Zoom meeting.

Designer Fitriandhita says: “My wall is a place where I can express myself—fill and decorate it with things I like, display illustrations, family photos, a photo of my sweet cat, dried flowers, macrame decorations, and other beautiful objects like books, cameras and plants in cute pots. I hope it’ll bring you some happiness, too.”

“Cat universe” by Alice Z.

colorful Zoom background with playful fun cat illustration
by Alice Z.

This bright and colorful Zoom background is full of fun detail with a dose of quirky humor. Who wouldn’t want to see what these happy little cats are up to?

Designer Alice Z. says: “I wanted to create something that would bring some happiness to people, because we all need it these days. So, I decided to put away my problems and come to an alternate universe where these little cats live. They spend all day being happy, relaxing on huge plants, jumping from flower to flower and using a waterfall like a slide. This is just my little fun fantasy—I hope, it will be able to make you smile.”

“Minimal cityscape” by Skilline

monochrome line art Zoom background cityscape
by Skilline

This modern, monochrome Zoom background is perfect for anyone looking for something cool and minimalistic. A simple, two-tone background like this one is sure to make your face stand out in your next video chat. The perfect virtual background for those who like to keep things clean and clutter free (at least in a virtual space).

“Room with a view” by Ninaminina

colorful illustrated zoom background of room overlooking city and sea
by Ninaminina

What could be more inspiring than taking a moment to simply enjoy the view? If your own space is a little lacking in the inspiration department, this colorful Zoom background is sure to lift your spirits and get your creative juices flowing.

Designer Ninaminina says: “I just moved to a new apartment. My office is my living room and the view makes it my favorite place to get inspired.”

“Retro bird” by khieriek

retro illustrated zoom background with handdrawn leaves and bird
by khieriek

This Zoom background has a relaxed retro vibe and makes for a playful and serene atmosphere. The organic shapes of the hand-drawn bird, plants and leaves work perfectly with the simple color scheme that’s dominated by a bright and fun orange. Perfect for anyone who likes their background to be simple yet charming.

Make your Zoom meetings more beautiful

Injecting a bit of personality into your video chats can be the magic touch your meetings need. A beautiful virtual Zoom background is a quick and easy way to make your video calls a little bit more fun, positive and personal.

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