The 2019 99awards are bigger and better than ever! From branding to book covers to beer bottles, we've never seen a stronger lineup of top-notch, trendy designs. Plus, this year we've assembled a panel of guest judges comprised of creative professionals from around the world. You won't want to miss any of 2019's stunning designs!

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Key dates

Entry deadline
Nominees announced
Jury panel announced
Winners announced
8 February 2019
2 April 2019
2 April 2019
15 April 2019

Designs created


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And the winners are...

svart ink

Best Branding Design


Best Illustration Design

Mad Pepper

Best Packaging Design


Best Print Design


Best use of Typography

R • Batinic

Best Digital Design


Best New Designer


Best New Top Level Designer

Zombijana Bones

People's Choice Award

Meet the jury

Photo of Brenda Milis
Brenda Milis
Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends, Adobe

Brenda Milis is the Principal of Creative Services and Visual Trends for Adobe Stock. As a creative director, she leads the Creative Services group in serving top clients, identifying visual trends and curating content. Brenda is a California native and attended UC Berkeley where she majored in Art History. She has worked for several media publications (Vox, Wall Street Journal, and Time) and was the founding photo editor of Style.com. In 2018, Graphic Design USA named Brenda on its list of "Creatives to Watch".

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Meet Brenda
Photo of Jackson Alves
Jackson Alves
Letterer, calligrapher and educator

Brazil-based Alves has over 15 years experience working with international clients. Jackson’s background in calligraphy has shaped his lettering approach: fluid, graceful curves, bold styles, and a keen eye for aesthetics. Jackson was awarded at the 10th Graphic Design Biennial in Brazil in 2013, won the Type Directors Club “Certificate of Typographic Excellence” in 2016, and was featured as the Type Directors Club's “Member of the Month” in December 2016. He continues to grow as an artist and teaches workshops around the world.

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Meet Jackson
Photo of Mercedes Bazan
Mercedes Bazan
Brand and print designer, Stripe and Increment

Mercedes is a graphic designer and illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Currently based in Dublin, she works as a brand designer at Stripe and a print designer for Increment magazine.

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Meet Mercedes
Photo of Ben VanderVeen
Ben VanderVeen
Art director and digital storyteller, Moss and Fog

Ben is a designer and art director living in Portland, Oregon. As a visual storyteller, he's worked for large and small agencies and has a thriving design and video business of his own. His art and design website, Moss and Fog, has a growing following, which keeps him inspired and on top of emerging artists and trends. An avid traveler, Ben explores as much as he can with his wife, his son, Quill, and his corgi, Louie.

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Meet Ben
Photo of Stephan Ango
Stephan Ango
Co-founder of Lumi and host of Well Made podcast

Stephan is the co-founder and Head of Product of Lumi. He also hosts the Lumi podcast, "Well Made". Stephan studied industrial design at Art Center in Pasadena, where he met Lumi's other co-founder, Jesse Genet. After firsthand experience with the fragmented packaging supply chain, Stephan and Jesse started building Lumi to fix it.

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Meet Stephan
Photo of Dan Johnston
Dan Johnston
Design Director, Culture Amp

Dan is Director of Design at Culture Amp, an employee feedback platform which lists Netflix, Airbnb, and InVision as customers. Previously, he held UX Director roles at BigCommerce and Domain Group, home of Australia’s most famous property app.

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Meet Dan

2019 awards


Best Branding Design

Logos and branding that leave just the right first impression.


Best Illustration Design

Awesome draw-some masterpieces from fine artists.


Best Packaging Design

Top-shelf designs from top-shelf designers.


Best Print Design

These designs look good on paper (and that's the point!).


Best use of Typography

Simply font-astic. These designs are just our type.


Best Digital Design

Designs made to be seen on the screen.


Best New Designer

The most talented designers that joined our community this year.


Best New Top Level Designer

Leveled-up designers that are at the top of their game.


People's Choice Award

The only 99award chosen by you, the design lover.

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